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Want to Relieve yourself from time consuming laundry washing and maintaining your beloved dresses? Your own Presswala is here to ease your burden. Call us Now, for dry cleaning, steam ironing and laundry, schedule a time, we will take your laundry from your doorstep and deliver it back with a crisp and shine like the new one.

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Laundry Service

Why to ruin your Sunday for going to dhobi and waiting him to return your clothes? You don’t have to schedule and spend your time for this tiring task. We provide you FREE pick up of your laundry from your home, and then deliver them back at your own convenience.

Dry Cleaning Service

We understand that you love your lovely clothes which always make your feel confident and special. Some of them are presents from your loved ones and you want to keep them forever if you could. Try our dry-cleaning services. Dry Cleaning nourishes your clothes and we love to make them as new as forever.

Steam Ironing Service

Two things you need to reflect your class, your confidence and your sharply creased and crisply ironed attire. Wear both without spending your valuable time. We iron your clothes according to their fabric so that they can live longer also.

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