First Day at College? – How to Choose the Best Dress

First Day at College? – How to Choose the Best Dress

First Day at College – How to Choose the Best Dress

It becomes very difficult for the girls to choose what they should wear on the first day for their college. Out of excitement, a big confusion is created in the minds of the outfit that would work best. Choosing the outfits is not that easy. The young girls are super curious for their initial college days and wish to wear simple but styled outfits. To handle this great confusion of choosing the suitable dress, read the following points.

Points to remember while you choose your outfits

1.      Keep it Light and Polished

Stripped top, when worn with a blazer, gives an elegant look. It looks more stylish when you wear with some light coloured trousers. Straight skirts also reflect pretty appearance. Collared-shirts with straight skirts give a formal look. You can consider this option in case of any seminar at your college. Your outfit gets a chic look and it is complete in all terms.

2.     Crop tops with High-waist Jeans

Crop tops are very much in trend. They can be paired up with high-waist jeans to get an elegant appearance. You can also accessorize your outfit by wearing matching chains or bracelets, which are light and comfortable. Crop tops also go well with the long or knee-length skirts. For a change, you can make a crop top and skirt combo.

3.      Riding boots, and sweater combo

For winters, it is best if you make a combination of coloured leggings with a long classy sweater. Wrap your feet with the long riding boots and add style to your outfit. Appropriate colour combinations will further make your appearance decent.

4.     Choose something Indian

Styling and fashion are not only restricted to western outfits. You can look well-dressed even by wearing a fusion of Indian and western. You can make a blend of elegant Kurtis with leggings by mixing and matching. Make your dress look classier by wearing some groovy accessories and suitable footwear.

5.     Wear a girly dress or tunics

Ensure that you have at least 2-3 girly dresses in your closet. You don’t need to add anything to it. The floral prints and patterns with frills and trappings are just complete to wear. They can be dressed up with denim jackets, stockings and up to anything that your creative mind can think. Tunics are very comfortable and relaxing.

6.      Wrap around a scarf

Any plain shirt when worn with blue or black pants, with the addition of toning belts. To make you look well-groomed, draping a scarf around your neck can work well. This will complete your outfit.

These points cannot completely solve the dilemma you’re facing, but, there are many options that you can choose from and make your own combination as per your comfort and liking.