5 Tips to clean the stained uniforms

5 Tips to clean the stained uniforms

Tips to clean the stained uniforms

Kids, tend to enjoy all the activities, may it be fun, games or adventures during their school hours. Mishaps in the playground, colour spills in the art class, natural grass stains, mud, food, and many other things are likely to cause stains on the uniforms of the kids.

In order to release yourself from the worry of the troublesome stains, here are some of the common stains that are caused on the school uniforms and various ways to get rid of them.

1.      Grass Stains

The natural beauty can sometimes leave pesky stains on the clothes. It becomes very messy at that moment to clean them. Look at the following tips that are helpful for the same:

·         Initially, remove the grass from the clothes if any.

·         Pour some amount of mild cleaner over the area that has been stained by the grass and leave it undisturbed for about 10-15 minutes.

·         Now, with the help of an old toothbrush, scrub the area in the circular motion.

·         Finally, rinse the affected part with the cold water.

2.      Mud Stains

Mud stains tend to get deeper into the clothes during the rains as the kids enjoy crawling and playing with the water.

·After the clothes have been completely stained by the mud, let it dry. Make use of some sharp element (knife), to scuffle off the mud.

· Don’t directly throw the clothes into the washing machine. It is best to pre-treat the stain with the use of the slight cleaner and leave it for about 10 minutes.

· If the stains are deep, let it sit for 1 hour and further, with the help of a soft bristled brush, scrub on the fabrics where the stains have been caused.

·  Now, clean the garment by soaking it in warm water. If the stains have not been removed repeat the process until you are satisfied.

3.      Crayon or paint stains

Playing with the colours is one of the basic fun that kids do in their childhood. The spilling of paint is very common in the art classes at school.

·         It the stains have been caused by the wax crayons, remove the extra wax from the fabric.

·         Dampen the stain into the warm water.

·         Make use of a brush, pour the washing cleaner onto the stain and rub in the circular motion.

·         Use the hottest water to wash the stained cloth.

4.      Blood stains

The kids will for sure play and get wounded. That leads to the blood stains getting onto the clothes. Hence, it is essential to remove the blood stains from clothes.

·         With the help of cold water, remove the blood from inside out.

·         Soak the garment into the mild cleaner.

·         Give a usual wash with cold water. Before, putting it into the dryer, check if the stain has removed completely.

5.      Glue stains

While carrying out the crafts classes, kids will surely ruin their uniforms as bad as they can. But, nowadays, PVC glues are in use.

·         Work on the garment, when the glue on it has dried completely.

·         Don’t make a mistake by removing the glue when it is wet as it will spread out.

·         Once, dried, scrap it off with the help of a knife.

·         Try to do this overnight – soak the uniform in the cold water.

·         Now, use sufficient amount of washing detergent and rub it with the use of the brush.

·         Wash as usual.

These points can be very beneficial for the mothers who are worried by the stains caused on the uniforms.