How Dirty Curtains Can Affect Your Health

How Dirty Curtains Can Affect Your Health

How Dirty Curtains Can Affect Your Health

Curtains play a major role in enhancing the look of your homes. Your homes get an appealing look with the curtains. Choosing the right type of curtains for your home can add a sense of persona without spending much on décor. Once you hang the curtains, you tend to believe that they will always remain clean. But this carelessness may cause serious problems to your health.

Following are some of the dangers of dirty curtains:

1.      Curtains accumulate allergens and dust mites

While cleaning the homes, there are many people who overlook curtains. Curtains actually, act as a protective armor as they withstand heat, cold, dirt, sunlight. The fabric of the curtains has the capability to attract a lot of allergens and dust. Dirty curtains may cause allergic reactions, such as sneezing, coughing or runny noses. Since the dust particles are very minute, they accumulate on the curtains very easily. The curtains made from the thick fabrics don’t effectively protect when dust begins to gather. When the dust mites and allergens get stuck between the layers of the curtains, the chances of you getting allergy symptoms increase. Thus, it is very important to take care of the cleaning of the curtains.

2.      Facilitates the growth of molds and mildews

There are a number of allergies and serious respiratory diseases that are caused by the growth of molds and mildews. If the microorganisms produced by the molds are inhaled, there are chances that you get major allergic reactions. This is very dangerous for the little kids, the pregnant women and elderly people who suffer from asthma or other breathing issues. Molds and mildews love to grow in the moist surfaces, thus, it is very important to clean the curtains at least once a week, especially the shower curtains.

3.      Germs

The curtains hung at dark places, may cause germs to grow. There are many diseases that are caused due to the growth of germs. Because the size of the germs is very small, you are not able to see them by naked eyes. Thus, you need to clean them regularly in order to save yourselves from the harmful diseases caused by the germs.

4.      Dust and Toxins

Curtains are present in almost all the homes. You must know that curtains accumulate dust particles very easily and quickly. Most of the curtains are made up of thick fabric and are dark in color, that becomes a disadvantage for you. You might have members in your family suffering from asthma or any other health problem. Then, there are chances that the problems are caused due to the hidden toxins in the curtains. Hence, cleaning of curtains regularly will help you to get rid of such health problems.

To clean the curtains, you don’t need to bring them down every time. Instead, you can follow these tips to clean the curtains quickly.

·         Vacuum- capture all the dirt from the curtains, leaving behind clean curtains.

·         Shake them out- from the top of the curtains, shake them hard from somewhere near the rod and then vacuum them.

·         Brush away the tiny fibers- make use of a lint roller or brush to clean the dirt material that has stuck into the curtains.

Thus, dirty curtains can risk your health by causing serious problems. It is important to clean them regularly in order to save yourself from harmful diseases. Professional help can be taken, if you are not able to devote enough time for the same, as curtains play a vital role in decorating your home.