How to Clean the Stuffed Toys at Your Home

How to Clean the Stuffed Toys at Your Home

How to Clean the Stuffed Toys at Your Home

Almost all the people of every age are attracted towards the soft toys. The tiny tots you see keep on dragging their stuffed toys here and there while adults exchange the heart-bearing teddies on various occasions. Even if you feel that your soft toys have been worn out, you may still keep them as memories.

You might have seen that after a period of time, the toys begin to get dirty and all the dust gathers inside and may lead to certain health problems, especially for the children. In order to wash these toys, you have to be very careful. By directly putting them into the washing machine, there are chances of your memories getting ruined.

Following are the ways that must be adapted to wash the stuffed toys.

1.      Machine Washing

Machine washing of stuffed toys can result in severe damage to the toys. Hence, it is necessary to wash them carefully. This can be done by putting the toys in the mesh laundry bag and then giving it a normal wash. Ensure that all the extra attachments such as chains and net dresses are removed, before you wash them.

·         Put the stuffed toys in a mesh laundry bag.

·         Select the suitable wash cycle: warm or cool, accordingly.

·         Set the machine to the gentle wash cycle.

·         After washing, take out the toys from the laundry bag and stretch them, so that they get back in their shape.

·         Let them air-dry. Avoid putting them in the dryer, as the heat of the dryer can cause the glue and fur of the toys to get damaged.

2.      Washing by hand

The simplest way to clean all the dirt from the stuffed toys without running them is by hand washing. A liquid dish soap can be used to disinfect and smoothly clean the toys. Make sure that all the attachments are removed before washing. Remember not to plunge the stuffed toys with the electronic parts in water. This will completely damage the toys and there are chances of receiving a nasty electric shock.

·         Take a large plastic container and fill it with water.

·         Now add one teaspoon of liquid dish soap into the water.

·         Mix the soap well to form a foaming solution.

·         Now dip the stuffed toy completely into the cleaning solution.

·         Gently rub the toy with your hands or a soft-bristled brush can be used for the same.

·         Rinse, the stuffed toy with the clean water.

·         Let it air-dry.

3.      Dry washing

The above given methods can be used to clean the stuffed toy without damaging them. Here is another good way of cleaning the soft toys.

Baking soda is used very well for cleaning purposes. It works as the best cleaning agent for the toys with fur (stuffed). Unwanted oils and other filths are absorbed by baking soda from the material of the stuffed toys, resulting in neat and tidy toys with a fresh feel.

All you have to do is:

·         Stretch out a long piece of plastic wrap.

·         Place the stuffed toys on it and cover it with a light shield of baking soda.

·         Now, wrap the plastic sheet around the toys and shake it forcefully.

·         Let it sit for about 15-20 minutes, now unwrap it and start cleaning.

·         A vacuum cleaner can be used for the same on a low setting.

·         After this, you get clean and fresh smelling soft toys.