A Steam Press - How to cut your Family's Ironing Time in Half!

A Steam Press - How to cut your Family's Ironing Time in Half!

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Is there any household chore that you cannot really stand with? Certainly, it’s ironing! Is it boring and tests your patience? Is it almost impossible to make your garments free of complete wrinkles? The solution is here- Steam Press. Ironing can be fun and easier and takes few minutes just by the use of steam press.

One single thing you need to for speeding up your ironing procedure is to remove the garment from the laundry basket and deliver it to Presswala. It is a perfect solution for you to save on your time and backache and gain excellent results on tricky cuffs. A professional garment finish is provided to you in half of the time as opposed to the use of conventional ironing procedure at your home.

Top Reasons to love Steam Ironing Services

Ironing not a tiring task anymore! All that needs is a professional tool that can provide with the demanded quality results. Steam Iron services being provided by Presswala are powerful and efficient that outraged its growth as the best wrinkle removers within the market. The top reasons to love Presswala Steam ironing services are as easy as 1, 2, and 3.

  1. Best Possible Results: The regular ironing techniques doesn’t provide with the quality being always desired for. These generate a small amount of heat due to which a lot of the precious time is being consumed on for forcing the iron at the same spot over and over. The fact that most of us are unaware of is more the clothes comes in contact of direct heat less will be their life. Since Presswala produce twice the steam output, therefore softening and moisturizing the cloth fiber in an unparalleled time, thus doing a much better job by removing the wrinkles in just a single smooth movement. For such reasons switching to Presswala is a wiser choice for enjoying immediate pressed quality, leaving the clothes look like crispier than ever before and a newer look in just half the time than earlier.
  2. Reduction in carbon footprint: As the process of steam ironing requires the use of water only as an ingredient, hence promoting an ecological practice towards cleaning. The practice also promotes for a reduction in energy consumption as it does not employs any dryer for removing the wrinkles out. Unlike tumble drying, ironing utilizes a small fraction of energy that does not pollute the environment or planet in anyway thus providing with smooth and clean clothes at affordable service charges.

How does dry cleaning work?

Generally everyone is familiar with the normal cloth washing that is washing with the water but they are not familiar with the process of dry cleaning. Basically dry cleaning is the process of cleaning the clothes in which organic solvents are used for the purpose of removing stains from clothes and fabric. In this process generally very little or no water is used this is why it is known as dry cleaning.

In the normal washing of clothes various detergents are used that are harmful for the clothes and generally the woollen clothes get shrink or their colour fades away. Whereas dry cleaning eliminates the swelling of fibres due to which these problems generally do not occur.

Some stains during the dry cleaning process requires treatments that are specialised such as spotting treatment while some of the stains are removed easily by the process of steaming the clothes. Whereas some stains are the ones that require the expertise treatment and skills.

Creasing and distortion is eliminated by the dry cleaning process on clothes and permanent creases are not disturbed by the same. After dry cleaning of clothes the expert will be reshaping the cloth by the process of steam ironing.