How to Make the Best Use of the Old and Mismatched Socks

How to Make the Best Use of the Old and Mismatched Socks

How to Make the Best Use of the Old and Mismatched Socks

Have you ever experienced a situation in which one of your socks have gone missing? It becomes a bad situation when you realize that you dropped a pair of socks into the washer but ended up only with one. But, don’t panic. No need to throw those old and mismatched socks, instead think of innovative ways to reuse them.

Those socks can be used for making many different things. Think deeply, from toys to coin purses and clothes for little puppies, there will surely be something for you. There are many ideas that can be worked upon within a few minutes.

Following are some of the creative uses of old and mismatched socks

1.      Arm Warmers

If you have socks that have been worn out or a couple of mismatched socks, simply turn them into arm warmers. This will really be helpful in the winter season. You just need to put a few cuts around the toe area and these can be used by the kids to give them extra warmth and care in the freezing cold. Thick socks are best for this purpose.

2.      Bean Bags

Another great idea to use the mismatched socks is making bean bags out of them. This is a good way to add fun to your boring schedule. You might know about different games that require bean bags. Also, these can easily be sewed into greater game pieces. This can simply be done by sewing by hand, using a sewing machine is completely your choice. You can use pinto beans or any other cheap filler to fill into them.

3.      Coffee Mug Cozy

Don’t make a mistake to throw the old and mismatched socks. These can be used as an amazing coffee mug cozies. You just need to cut the socks from the top and bottom and if you want you can sew in the edges. The socks slip over your mug and help to keep your coffee or tea warm.

4.      Dog Toys

You might be aware that dog toys are very expensive. Puppies don’t actually play, but they chew up all the stuff. A better solution to this is to use an old sock to make a chew toy for the pup. All you have to do is to take a tennis ball and tie up in the sock to make it into a pull toy.

5.      Donut Play Food

Little kids love playing house and further cooking up the pretend meals. Such food toys are expensive in the market and might not be safe for the tiny tots. The old socks can be turned into great doughnuts that are inexpensive and easy to make. These are very soft and perfect for kids of all age groups.

6.      Bean Bag Neck Pillow

Neck pillows are very relaxing for long car rides or flights. Neck pillows can usually be used while sitting at home and relaxing. All you have to do is to fil the old socks with beans or rice. When you want to use them, simply microwave it for a few minutes and all your stress goes off.

7.      Leg Warmers

By using some of the old and mismatched socks, you can easily make your own leg warmers. Cut off the toes of the socks and you are done. If you have similar socks of the same pattern, just sew them to make a matching pattern.

8.      Cute Coin Purses

Have you ever thought of changing the baby sock into a coin purse? This is not specifically for the baby socks but this can easily be done with the larger socks as well. Turn these colorful socks into colorful coin purses. Such cute purses will surely be loved by the kids.

9.      Sock Ball

Sock Ball may look complicated but it is not that difficult to make. You can complete this task by taking a maximum time of one hour. The ball can be filled by using beans or cotton. Wrap it with different colored socks of many different patterns. This will be of real fun and enjoyment.

You can use any of the above ideas to convert your old socks into something useful. Thus, next time when you face such a situation, don’t make a blunder to throw the socks. Instead, try to use it in a unique manner.