How to Make Yourself Look 10 Pounds Lighter

How to Make Yourself Look 10 Pounds Lighter

How to Make Yourself Look 10 Pounds Lighter

Knowing your body is very essential before you try to choose the type of clothes for yourself. The correct type of clothing will help you in finding out the different outfits that can make your look more graceful and lively. The first thing that is judged when you walk on the carpet is your physical appearance. Through this is something unfair, but still, it happens. For this, you don’t need to lose weight quickly as it may ruin your body structure. Instead, try to opt for the outfits that will enhance your look and do highlight your weight. Enhance your wardrobe with some of the techniques that are mentioned below:

1.      Contrast right at the waist

It is suggested that the lower garment must be tuck at the natural waist and not below or above the waist. Besides this, wrap a brightly coloured belt or sash around your waist. You can make a match with the colour of the accessory you have opted for.

2.      A Flouncy full skirt minimizes and masks

Choose a standard tee and tuck it into a frilled full skirt. This will help in minimizing the mid-section and cover the hip and the thigh area.

3.      Use mixed prints in your outfit

It is recommended to wear a different print on top and something of a different print at the bottom. This will create the best impression when viewed. This combination can just work wonders.

4.      Midline zippers

An A-line or sheath dress having a midline zipper will automatically draw the attention to the central section of your body. This will straightway make you look thinner and slimmer.

5.      If no option left, go for a flounce

It is said the more the fabric, heavier will be the look appear, though it is not that true. You can go for a stylish, oversized sweater that is tuck into a voluminous skirt. This will take all the attention towards the smaller parts of your body and hence, your heavier parts will be unnoticed.

6.      Crop tops can work well

Select the crop top of the correct and appropriate size for yourself. It must come down up to your natural waist. It works the best when worn with a high-waist skirt. Black seems to be magical in this case.

7.      Black up your outfit

If you find yourself in a dilemma, you can simply opt for the outfit that is completely black right from head to toe. Dark shade especially, the black colour is just the best to make you look slimmer.

8.      Colour-blocking, another good choice

Try to go for pieces that cover large portions of colour with the colour-blocked items. Soft prints and blocked pieces help in reducing the wideness of the body.

9.      Go for the midi-length skirt

If your leg area is your stress, this can be the best possibility. One of the everlasting outfits that can help in this case is the midi-length skirts. These are stylish, fashionable and render a chic look. A light piece of string or a slight belt at the waist never fail on your figure.

Next time, you fall in such a hitch, try to find out ways by styling up your look and making yourself appear thinner and slim.