How to Remove Pollens from Clothes and Carpets?

How to Remove Pollens from Clothes and Carpets?

How to Remove Pollens from Clothes and Carpets?

Pollen stains easily get into the clothes. Lily pollen is a dusty in nature and is easy to remove when dry. If you have got a pollen stain on your clothes, avoid touching the affected area with your hands. The pollens can not only stain your clothes but also your carpets and other household surfaces.

Removing Yellow Pollen Stains from Clothes

The moment you catch a pollen stain on the cloth material, don’t make the mistake of rubbing it or brushing with your hand. By doing this, the yellow tint is likely to get permanent into the fabric. Initiate, by shaking off the cloth firmly to remove the dry pollens. You can also make use of the sticky tape to grasp the pollen grains from the clothes. This will prevent the pollen grains from entering the cloth fabrics.

Prepare a mixture of cold water and bleach that has oxygen contents in it, at the earliest. Read the package instructions to use the correct amount of bleach. The mixture should be sufficient enough so that the whole garment gets soaked. The affected cloth must be soaked into the solution for about four to five hours (overnight can be the best). Observe if the stain has been removed or not. If you see the stain still shining on your cloth, repeat the same process until it has vanished.

The above-mentioned ways are safe for both the white and colored clothes. It is recommended not to use for silk, wool or any leather item. When the soaking process is done, don’t drop the cloth into the dryer. It is good if the material is dried by airing out.

Removing Yellow Pollen Grains from Dry Clean Only Clothes

The pollen grains can get into any type of clothes- whether washable or dry clean only. Therefore, it is good to learn what all can be done when pollen stains are caused in dry clean only clothes. NEVER make a blunder by rubbing or brushing the pollen stain on the clothes. You can blow the pollen grains by making use of sticky tape.

Head towards a professional dry cleaner as quickly as you can. If you want to clear the stain at home only, you must make use of a commercial dry cleaning solvent. Don’t put the clothes directly into the dryer bag without treating the stain. You can make use of stain remover pen to eradicate the stains. This method can work up to some extent.

Removing Yellow Pollen Stains from Carpets

The moment you observe the pollen stains on your carpet, quickly manage a vacuum and grab the pollen grains into it. Do this activity before the pollens get deeper into the carpet fabric. Make use of a sponge or a dry clean cloth and dip it into a dry cleaning solvent. Start blotting the stain by working from the outer edge towards the inside of the carpet, with the help of the sponge. Make sure that the stain doesn’t get bigger. Allow the carpet to dry completely. If the stain remains, continue the same process.
These are some of the common ways to remove pollen grains from clothes and carpets. Try them next time when you get into this situation.