Men- Enhance your outfit according to your body

Men- Enhance your outfit according to your body

Men- Enhance your outfit according to your body

Sometimes, it is better if you don’t do according to the fashion and the changing trends. There is nothing wrong with dressing up and styling up your outfit. At times, it happens that you are wearing a very expressive outfit but, still it doesn’t leave that appealing impression (maybe for an interview or a business meeting) just because the outfit doesn’t suit your body structure. You are not under any pressure that you have to wear clothes that are trendy. Thus, it is best if you dress up yourself according to the body shape you hold.

The bodies of the males don’t have curves like that of the females, therefore, the differences are minor but need to be taken care of.

Go through the following points that will help you in selecting the outfit according to your body shape.

1.      How to dress: The Heavy Lifter

A heavy lifter usually has a wider chest (upper body) and the lower half is slenderer. Therefore, such men should try to dress up in a way that their upper bulky body doesn’t come into the eyes and lower body comes in the notice.

·         Try to opt for V-necks. These will make the look of the upper body narrower.

·         Add something with prints either on the shoulder or the handcuffs.

·         Go ahead for tapered jeans for the lower body.

2.      How to dress: The Athlete

The athletes have their upper and the lower body balanced in a proper way, which makes it tranquil to choose the type of outfit that will suit their bodies.

·         You can easily play with the colours.

·         Bold colours, prints and pattern designs are just for you.

·         You can go for different cuts and textures in the clothing.

3.      How to dress: The Block Man

The basic thing that such people should take care of is to add shape to their body. At that particular, you can just choose the correct type of clothing to give your body the proper look and shape.

·         Choose the right type of prints and colours for yourself (remember: a colour that works well with your complexion)

·         To give a wider look to your upper part, add bulk clothing- shirts, scarves etc.

·         In addition, heavy blazers and jackets in winters are just awesome.

4.      How to dress: The Happy Eater

For you, it is important to make a balance between the upper and the lower body, so that the lower body also has equal effect as that of the upper body.

·         Try the streamlined cuts and cheering colours.

·         Go for the narrow necks and handmade blazers.

·         For the lower body, straight leg trousers are the best.

5.      How to dress: The Cuddly Teddy Bear

Men who look like endearing teddy bears have major weight collected at the central part of the body. In order to add a finished look to your body, shoulders must be taken in proper shape.

·         The vertical stripes in your clothing with help in adding length to your body.

·         The sleeves and length of the trouser pants should be accurate and well-fitted.

These are some of the most common points that men should know and must take care. With this, they can enhance their look and add shape to their body. Hence, don’t always dress according to fashion. The look can also be enriched if you go by your body type.