Ways to Make Laundry Easier

Ways to Make Laundry Easier

Laundry Make Easier

Sorting –
For the customization of clothes on laundry day and for reducing the time wastage in laundry process sorting of clothes would be great idea. Labelling of hampers can be done in order to sort and separate the clothes of each family member.

Immediate treatment of stains –
Similar to the time wastage on sorting of clothes, removal of stains also take a tan of time. At the time of shifting clothes from hamper to the washer it is very hard and time consuming process to pick up clothe and search for stain and then remove them. So rather than implementing this task it would be much better to keep the stain removers near by the clothe hampers and stains should be removed at the time sorting of clothes.

Utilization of zippered bags –
Zippered bags will eliminate the need of separating and transferring the clothes from washer to dryer one by one. The clothes would also be kept safe during the spin as zippered bag will provide the clothes with a cushion and a gentle spin will be provided to the clothes. It is suggested t buy the zipper bags that have hidden zipper as it stays shut firmly.

Separation of clothes into few loads –
Number of loads can be reduced to a great extent if the mesh bags are utilised in the process of washing of clothes. Further the time for washing clothes can be reduced as fewer loads will take less time. It is also determined by various studies that cleansing of clothes is done in much better way when the load is full in the washer rather than when the load is less.

Chose quick wash as the wash cycle option –
Quick wash cycle should be selected as the speed of washing is very fact and effective as compared to the normal wash cycle of the washing machine. The time which is taken for the washing process is reduced to half extent.

Eliminate wash as much as you can –
Washing of clothes should not be done after every use but various clothes such as t-shirts; socks etc are required to be washed after every wear. Some clothes such as pair of jeans or jackets can be escaped from washing. Some people have the habit of throwing clothes into the hampers after every wear but it would be better to reduce this habit.

Multitask –
As the process of laundry is rhythmic so it is loved by everyone. Once the load is put into the washer and it is started then for around thirty five minutes you would be able to do any other task or work and then again the load can be transferred to dryer machine and then again a person can finish up with his or her yoga or any other activity.

Scheduling –
Laundry practice should be a pre planned task as performing laundry on daily basis would be much easier than doing it weekly as the stress would be less if it is done daily rather than performing it after few days and moreover the load also increases if laundry is not scheduled. Moreover the scheduled laundry is much easier to perform rather than the unscheduled laundry.