Your Cloth Stains Are Not As Stubborn As Power of Dry Cleaning

Your Cloth Stains Are Not As Stubborn As Power of Dry Cleaning

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Dry Cleaning
Dry Cleaning is a process which is used to clean the clothes without use of water. In this process the liquid items are used for cleaning process. So, it is not a completely Dry process as its name suggests. It helps in reducing the hard work of labor washing clothes with hands to remove the stains. Earlier the flammable petroleum based liquids were used in dry cleaning process such as kerosene and gasoline, now many companies are using better replacement of these fluids.

How it discovered?
The discovery of Dry cleaning comes as a surprise when a type of petroleum fluid spilled on greasy fabric and it cleans the entire stain without leaving any spot. Jolly- Belin is the first firm which used this dry cleaning process.

Solvents – The fluids
In the early days of Dry Cleaning, the petroleum based fluids were used for cleaning process such as Camphene, Benzene, Kerosene and Gasoline. Because of their flammable nature, dry cleaning was considered as hazardous business. To make the Dry Cleaning a better and safer business, perchloroethylene or tetrachloroethylene was introduced in early 1930’s. This fluid is used by many companies these days in cleaning process. With the time, many new solvents such as Green Earth and Hydrocarbons are also introduced and tested under various conditions.

Traditionally, the dry cleaning process was conducted by the centralized factories which received the clothes from contractors who collect clothes from customers. The reason to use centralized factory was flammable fluids used in the dry cleaning process. During that time, two machines were used to carry out this process in which one machine was used for cleaning and other machine for drying process.

How Dry Cleaning Machines works?
Dry Cleaning machines are basically combination of washer and dryer. These machines works as same like normal washing machines. The clothes are loaded in the washer and solvents if poured on it instead of water. The washing chamber of machine is filled one-third of solvents and rotates the chamber so that it gets mixed with clothes completely. These solvents flushed away the soil and other stains from the clothes. The temperature of solvent is also set in order to prevent any damage of solvent and garments. As soon as the cleaning process finishes, the solvent is drain out from the tumbler through spin cycle. After the extraction of solvent, the drying process begins. In drying process the warm air circulates in the machine which vaporizes the remaining solvent from the clothes. When this process ends the clean clothes remains without any solvent odor or residue. It is possible that all stains cannot be removed by using only dry cleaning process. For this purpose, the garments are soaked in the special stain removing fluids before dry cleaning process.