Commercial and domestic laundry services of Presswala are in great demand these days due to its quick and quality services. Presswala lets you get your laundry work done through professionals. The main advantage of hiring our cutting edge laundry services is you can save a lot of time by getting rid of all your laundry needs by giving it to our professionals.

Our laundry services include almost all relevant services like dry cleaning, washing, starching clothes polishing, stain removing, ironing, steam ironing and some more. Presswala doesn’t impose any service randomly on the customer as first we distinguish any washing prerequisites and deal with a specific shading division or temperature necessities. After this, our professionals used to perform any laundry service using proper protection and high-quality material to sustain the goodness of your clothes.

If you are busy enough and don’t have time to visit the Presswala location, then don’t worry as we even remove your this concern. Our laundry service pickup and delivery facilities are always available for you to carefully pick the dirty clothes from your home and dropping back to your home after performing desired dry cleaning service. Our own vehicles and experienced drivers are available at your services to pick your clothes from your home and dropping back carefully. Hence, you don’t need to step out to avail our services, especially if you are located far from our service center.

We not only make it convenient for domestic customers to forget their laundry concerns. We offer our laundry services to the customers for commercial use as well. Our commercial laundry services include clothes, cushions, covers, bedsheets, curtains and all these things.

When you need our services the most? Our ideal laundry services can be availed anytime or day you require. However, our quick and quality services along with the facilities we offer are the right choice when preparations for an important occasion are going on in your home and you need to look exceptionally good or a day is ahead when you don’t have time to indulge in the laundry stuff first.

Not only amid the busy days, but our laundry washing servicesare perfect to avail for every season. Yes, sometimes there are some clothes such as bridal gowns, heavy coats, sarees and some others that you cannot wash or iron at home in a perfect manner. Consequently, you need professional help to handle laundry work for such clothes and Presswala is that spot where you can get professional laundry services.

Our services are easy to contact. A simple phone call or our online services are two convenient ways to subscribe Presswala services for all your laundry needs.

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